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Bobcat - Construction
Bobcat - In The Water

There are only a few pictures of the boat being built. This one shows the mast being glued up on the bench.  I made up all the parts I could ahead of time before starting the hull itself.
The next few pictures show the hull before the deck was being installed.  You might notice that my son is a bit older in this series of pictures.  These pictures were taken in late summer of 2001.
Here the inspector takes a look...
The deck in a not-too-neat garage.
Side view
Three-quarters bow view.  Note the face in the tiller hole.
In case you are wondering, the plans do not call for a hole in the transom here...

The following set of photos show some details of the as-built boat.


Boom jaw; gaff similar.  From searching on the internet, I found that I was not the first to break the gaff jaws.

This shows the boat as it is stored.  The spars stay on the boat for both road travel and storage.  There is a cover made from Masonite in an attempt to keep the critters out.
This shows the spar rack which slides through the partner.  
The light bar ties on the traveler; the 2x4 blocks keep the lights from getting smashed when the boat is slid into the storage shed.

One modification was to add a bronze drain plug.  The base is mounted in the forward end of the skeg.

In this picture of the foredeck the two halyards are shown on the left and the topping lift on the right.  As you can see, I tie the cringles to the sail, this way the mast does not have to be lowered through them.  The mast partner is scratched because the halyards stretched on the first sail and I didn't notice the boom jaw rubbing on it.
Make sure there is enough slack in the gaff jaw throat lashing so that you do not break it when raising the sail as I did.

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