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Jon Boat - "Christine" 

Particulars (from plans):

LOA:  12ft
Beam:  5 ft
Weight:  110lbs 
Capacity:  3-5 adults 
Power:  1-6hp outboards
My dad had a few boat plan books from the 1950s and 1960s.  These plans were found in the Summer 1969 edition of Boat Builder.  It is subtitled "A 12-ft Hunting and Fishing Skiff."



This was the first boat I built myself.  I built it while in graduate school (1990-1992), living at home with my parents.  They thought I spent too much time on the boat and not enough time on my thesis.
I learned a few lessons from the choices I made in building the boat:
Weight is important!
Pine plywood has a nicer finish than fir, but it is a lot heavier
Pressure treated pine (framing) might not rot, but it is heavy
Weldwood plastic resin glue is brittle with age
Fiberglass taped seams are good, but checking happens everywhere else.
The boat would almost plane with two adults and a 4hp outboard.  I've been trying to find a used 5hp for this boat ever since I built it.  I bought one, but it had too many internal injuries to save.
The boat has been outside since it was built.  It was covered with a tarp, but that leaked and water was trapped on the bottom of the overturned boat and started to rot.  It is in need of a complete restoration.

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