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Baby Tender

I was browsing the marine section of a local book store and saw the The Expectant Father's Cradle Boat Book.  It held particular interest since my wife was pregnant with our first child.  Of course when my wife looked at the book, she wanted something a little more labor-intensive than the plans featured in the book.  This boat was designed by Warren Jordan; plans were obtained from Jordan Wood Boats.

Unfortunately, my son came a little bit earlier than planned and I did not have the boat ready...


Length:  45"
Beam:  22"
The materials had sentimental overtones.  The planking was Jersey cedar obtained at a local (New Jersey) sawmill.  The white oak for the frames, keel and stem were from my father's land in Maine.  The mahogany transom, gunwales and cradle came from a table my grandfather had built in high school shop class.  The bedding was made by my wife and her mom.



Barely visible on the transom is a brass nameplate that the folks at work gave us as part of a baby shower.

Bottom of boat

My wife didn't want the white-painted hull so the boat was just coated with a couple of coats of shellac.  Perhaps it will get varnished someday.

Detail of gunwale showing copper rivets.
Cradle for cradle boat.  The plans call for hanging the boat from davits, but that took up too much room for us.
Bunting tied in.
Foam bottom and bunting.

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