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Pointy Skiffs
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Pointy Skiffs (a.k.a. Fisherman Skiffs) 

Launching Day, 2003

The plans are available from Dynamite Payson and can be found in the book Build the New Instant Boats.  For pictures of the model boats, click here.



Designer:  Phil Bolger
Length:  10'6"
Beam:  4'2"
One summer I made a lot of weekend trips to Maine without the family.  To make the time more useful, I thought I'd try building a couple of skiffs to mess around in.  I enjoyed rowing when I was a kid and thought it would be neat to teach my son how to row on the same beach that I learned to row.  
I figured that having two boats would be useful so that a beginning rower would not be alone.  I was also hoping that two boats would be not much harder to build than one.

Each boat can be built from three sheets of plywood:

(1) 3/8" or 1/2" for the bottom, and
(2) 1/4" for the sides, seats and bulkheads.

A couple of 12ft 2x4s can supply the remaining wood.

I made patterns for all the parts and then made the boats from the patterns.  The boats are very similar, but there are differences.  The white boat is built a little heavier with 1/2" bottom (instead of 3/8"), three full-length strakes (instead of 2 and a 1/3) and a two piece gunwale.
Besides being lighter, the green boat has bronze hardware and two color paint.
The strakes for the green boat are clearly visible in this photo on the lawn.  In the background are two old skiffs; the bottom one has a cross-planked bottom and the top one is an old plywood model.
Moments like this are what I look forward to....
Still getting used as they grow up....

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