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Pointy Skiffs (a.k.a. Fisherman Skiffs)

1/12th Scale Models

The plans are available from Dynamite Payson and can be found in the book Build the New Instant Boats.  For pictures of the full-size boats, click here.

Particulars (full size boat):

Designer:  Phil Bolger
Length:  10'6"
Beam:  4'2"
Just like the two full-size boats I built, these two are very similar, but a careful observer will notices the differences in shape.
Bow view.

Two different colors, just like the full-size boats.  The paints for both the models and the full-size boats came from the same cans.

Stern view.

The outside frames are a little different, but I guess I am getting used to them.

Looking forward.
Looking aft.
Nesting is handy for storage for the full-size boats.
Bottom view shows strakes and block for oarlocks (which I haven't got around to finishing on the model).
Drying out after a model "sail."

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