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Lala (a.k.a. White 23; original wood version of the Sakonnet 23)

1/12th Scale Model

Plans are available from WoodenBoat.  

Particulars (Full size boat):

Designer: Joel White
LOA:  23'0"
Beam:  6'1"
Draft: 1'10" (board up)
Draft: 5'5" (board down)
Displacement:  2,000lbs
SA: 193 ft2


I was dreaming of a nice wood daysailer for Penobscot Bay.  I wanted to keep it simple and built a model of the Fox Island Class Sloop, but the fin keel and lack of a tabernacle provoked me to look at this design also. 

I really liked the look of the double ended version, but my wife preferred the transom stern version.  I figured that if she let me build the boat, I could compromise on the stern. 

Similar to the full size boat, glued strips form the hull.  The white visible on the transom is the dried glue after being hit with Zip Kicker.  The paper patterns were left on the molds. 
Here the bottom planking is completed and sanding has been started, mainly along the sides.
Stern view.
View of the planked bottom. More sanding to do...

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