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Bobcat (a.k.a. Tiny Cat) "Michael Mon" 

1/12th Scale Model

This catboat is a big little boat, half as wide as it is long.  Plans are available from Dynamite Payson and are also in the book Build the instant Catboat.  For pictures of the full-size boat, click here

Particulars (full size boat):

Designer:  Phil Bolger
Length:  12'3"
Beam:  6'0"
Sail Area:  110 ft2

The flat bottom panel is clearly visible in a bow view.  


The model was built just like the real boat - plywood panels around a set of plywood frames.

In the stern view, the end plate on the bottom of the rudder is obvious.
Bow view showing boom and gaff jaws.
A view of the cockpit.
Rudder and tiller.
Centerboard, toggle and centerboard case.
Cockpit, looking forward.
Cockpit, looking aft.
Stern 3/4 view.
Bow 3/4 view.

A model boat version of the "Instant Boat Fleet."

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