Model T Tools

start 1349

Hub Cap Wrench - Regular Equipment

hubcap, front wheel bearing, drain plugs
start 1387

Adjustable Wrench - Regular Equipment
start 1903

Pliers - Regular Equipment

About 1920 the handle was changed to incorporate the screwdriver blade
start 1904

Spark Plug Wrench - Regular Equipment

2335 after mid-1913
start 1917

Double End Wrench - Regular Equipment
start 2335

Spark Plug Wrench - Regular Equipment

1904 before mid-1913
start 2337

Oil Can - Regular Equipment
start 2338

Tire Pump - Regular Equipment
start 2340

Tire Iron - Regular Equipment
start 5-Z-152

"L" Socket Wrench

Rear axle housing - 3/8" nuts
start 5-Z-157

"L" Socket Wrench

#4 connecting rod
start 5-Z-2038

"T" Socket Wrench

Conecting rod nuts ?? Number correct?? Not in McCalley!! 5-Z-20380??
start 5-Z-204

Open End Wrech

Exhaust Pack Wrench
start TT-5893X

TT Wrench

TT Truck cylinder head, spark plug, and rim nut