1924 Model T Touring

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As 1924 began, a Model T Touring was the most popular body style of the most popular car in the world; built just at the peak of production and at the valley of prices.

In 1924...

  • Ford made 1,790,278 Model T's in the U.S. (697,292 Touring Cars).

  • More Model T's were made in the U.S. than all other cars combined.

  • Over 50% of all cars ever made world-wide were Model T's.

  • Only two options were available:

    1) starter and 2) demountable rims.


Engine: 177ci (2.9L) 4 cylinder L-head; 4:1 comp.; 20hp @1600rpm; 83 ft-lbs@900rpm

Speed: 30-35 mph cruise; 40-45 mph maximum

Color: Black (only color available in 1924)

Weight: 1650 lbs (1500 lbs w/o starter and demountable rims)

Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons. Gasoline was 40 octane and $0.21/gal in 1924 (about $2.65/gal in 2008)

MPG: 13-21 mpg

Transmission: "Three speed" planetary (2 forward; 1 reverse)

Ignition: Magneto- or battery-powered coils, one per cylinder

Dimensions: 11ft 2-1/2in long; 7ft high (top up); 99in wheelbase; 56in track

Price: Base Price: $290 (about $3,730 in 2008)


$65 - electric starter (includes generator and ammeter)

$20 - demountable rims (includes spare rim w/o tire)

Total Price: $375 + freight and fuel

Interesting Model T Facts

  • Over 15,000,000 were assembled between September 27, 1908 and May 26, 1927.

  • Engines continued to be built until August 4, 1941.

  • Popularized having the driver on the left side of the car.

  • The first "world car" (built in multiple countries at the same time).

  • "Any color as long as it is black" is not really true, but were black-only from 1914-1925.

  • First large-scale moving assembly line (inspired by a slaughterhouse visit).

  • Mass production allowed prices to drop from $850 in 1908 to $290 in 1924.

  • Introduced an 8hr workday @ $5/hr wage (double the prevailing rate).

  • Better quality than many other more expensive cars (vanadium steel).

  • First mass-produced en-bloc engine casting with removable cylinder head.

  • Electric starter/lights/generator first offered in 1919.

  • A stock 1924 Model T Touring does not have a:

    gas pedal, gas gauge, temperature gauge, speedometer, odometer, oil dipstick, oil pump, water pump, fuel pump, mirrors, windshield wiper, windows, spare tire, four-wheel brakes, brake light, turn signals, bumpers, or driver's door.

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