Minimost Model

The Minimost is "quick and dirty" fun boat to build. Plans were in Science and Mechanics, Boat Builder and perhaps other places. It is easy to find copies of the plans on the internet.

It is a great first wooden boat project for a 15 year-old builder!

See pictures of the full size boat here

The model is started just like the real boat - by drawing out the bottom..
... and the transom.
The slot is cut in the bottom.
The transom and midship frame is framed out.
The bottom components are assembled.
They are glued together.
The deck beam is next - this one was laminated from four pieces of basswood.
The decking is installed. 

Note that this model model was built like the full size Minimost my son built and deviated from the plans by having a more enclosed deck on the sides.
Side panels
Fitting the coamings.
Bottom skids installed.
Decking complete
Another view of the completed wood installation.
Side profile
Fairing compound and interior paining started.
Side profile after initial sanding.
More paint and fairing.

After a coat of primer, a second coat of fairing and sanding.

Taping for the stripes.
First light coat of white for the stripes.
Finished Boat

Minimost mounted on a stand, commemorating the picture in the Jan/Feb 2015 WoodenBoat Magazine

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